10 Hilarious Coffee Mugs Slideshow


Go Fax Yourself

A good one to keep in the office, so that co-workers know when not to mess with you.

I'd Rather Be Rich

Me too, buddy, me too.

Smiling Devil

With bulging bloodshot eyes, and a goofy dazed grin, the devil loses all of his scare tactics.

Moose Mug

Bullwinkle, sure, but where's Rocky?


A great inside joke for all the website developers out there.

A Cat and Mouse Game

Technology, simplified — a true game of cat and mouse.

Bird Nerd

A mug for the bird lover with no qualms about their passion. 

Zebra Mug

Because who wouldn't crack up at the sight of a zebra head poking out at them from their morning coffee?

Sumo Mug

How can you take your tea seriously when cartoon sumo wrestlers are staring back at you?

Beach Bully

The mug that the tough guy at the beach takes his coffee in.