10 Highest Calorie American Holidays

Ah, the Holidays. It really doesn't matter what holiday you are referring to, the blanket "holidays" term evokes a similar feeling of joy. No matter what time of year it is or what you are celebrating there are traditions that transcend season and culture. Essentially, we spend these holidays having a great time with those we love and do so with a ton of food and drinks.

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At Christmas, we indulge in a scary amount of Christmas cookies and decadent cocktails. On Halloween, we allow ourselves to gorge on an insurmountable amount of candy. And Thanksgiving, well, don't even get us started on this holiday. Delicious as it may be, we are eating plate after plate of turkeysides and desserts.

One does not simply eat on a holiday. One practically binges to the point of combustion (or exhaustion, depending on how it goes). It almost doesn't matter which holiday you are referring to, In America we proudly do it up in excess for at least a day.

But our excess behavior on these days may reach depths consumers weren't actively aware of. Since we give ourselves a passe on these special days, we unconsciously eat a few days' worth of calories in just one day. To determine what that exactly looks like, we pulled together some of the common dishes and drinks enjoyed on these holidays and tabulated the calorie count.

We tried to consider the most commonly enjoyed treats with regional proportions, but keep in mind, that they are approximate calculations that could instantly increase as all of the numbers represented are roughly one serving. If you go back for seconds for any of these (which let's face it, you don't have just one glass of champagne on New Year's Eve) you have to increase these already scary calories counts. So before you overindulge on the next upcoming holiday, you may want to considered knowing when enough really is enough.

New Year's Eve — Total: 726 Calories

Assuming you eat nothing all day(which we do not recommend, at all), and are just having one glass of each of these common holiday drinks, New Year's Eve is your least calorically offensive holiday.

White Wine: 121 calories per glass

Red (Burgundy) Wine: 127 calories per glass

Champagne: 78 calories per glass

Beer (Regular): Average 150 calories per bottle

Beer (Light): Average 95 calories per bottle

Generic Old Fashioned Cocktail: 155 calories per glass

St. Patrick's Day — Total: 821 Calories

Who doesn't love this festive spring holiday? Of course, these calories are tabulated assuming that you have a restricted amount of alcohol, which admittedly, may not be entirely realistic.

Corned beef, hash, potato: 387 calories per 1 cup serving

Irish Soda Bread: 82 calories per 1 ounce

Guinness Draught: 35.2 calories per 100 milliliters

Jameson Irish Whiskey: 72 calories per 35 milliliters

Beer (Regular): Average 150 calories per bottle

Beer (Light): Average 95 calories per bottle

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This article originally published on April 16, 2014.