10 Herbal Teas That Can Heal You

While herbal tea may not have the caffeine kick of its true tea brethren, many in the market for natural remedies turn to these herb- or plant-infused teas to cure their ailments.

For the uninitiated, these beverages, also called tisanes, are made by steeping fresh or dried flowers, herbs, roots, or sometimes fruit in boiling water. Simple as that. They are not, however, to be confused with flavored teas — jasmine and Earl Grey are popular examples — which consist of actual teas that have other plants added to them as flavoring agents.

In seems as though these days it is nearly impossible to look around the market without seeing some sort of herb-based tea or drink making claims that it heals this or encourages healthy that. And to be sure, the topic of beverage health claims is one that is ripe for debate. Still, we'd challenge you to argue with a person who's benefited from better and more restful sleep — not to mention calmer nerves — thanks to drinking chamomile or valerian tea. What if you suffer from indigestion? Chances are you'll find a few folks who swear by drinking lavender tea for that. Need to up your daily vitamin C intake? If you're not a fan of orange juice you might want to opt for rose hip tea instead.

Curious to learn more about the healing powers of herbal tea? Continue on to read about 10 favorites.

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