10 Healthy Lunches For Work

It's easy — and tempting — to buy lunch every day, but, let's face it, it's not good for your body or bank account. Try making one of these satisfying and delicious recipes and we guarantee that not only will you feel better, but also everyone in your office will have a major case of food envy.


Nutty Brown-Rice Tabbouleh

From: Food & Wine

This crunchy, sweet salad is a great spin on standard tabbouleh and is even better served with a whole wheat pita or crackers.


Indian Spiced Carrot Soup

From: Epicurious.com

This exotic soup works well for dinner and even better for lunch the next day. Try using non-fat Greek yogurt for an even lighter meal.


Moroccan-Spiced Spaghetti Squash

From: Smitten Kitchen

This easy-to-make (and super low-calorie) dish is just as luscious and tantalizing re-heated or eaten cold the next day.


Soba with Peanut-Citrus Sauce

From: Orangette

This vegetable-filled and silky noodle dish gets better with time as it soaks in the sauce. 


Marcella Hazan's Roasted Chicken with 2 Lemons

From: LocalLemons.com

Make this for dinner and use the leftovers for a terrific sandwich or an easy salad with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers (really any vegetables you want) and dress it with a touch of lemon and olive oil.


Chinese Beef and Broccoli

From: New Asian Cuisine

From the author of The Steamy Kitchen cookbook and blog comes this new Asian-focused website that produces fast, easy and delicious dishes like this that are perfect for lunch the next day.


Salad of Lentilles De Puy: French Green Lentil Salad

From: DavidLebowitz.com

Lentils, a good source of calcium, iron and Vitamins A and B, are delicious in this tangy vinaigrette and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 or 3 days.  


Sweet and Savory Wild Rice Salad

From: TheKitchn.com

This recipe is great because it is like making three lunches in one. Have it as is, or mix it up by adding grilled chicken, fresh avocado slices or broiled salmon.


Avocado and Turkey Health Sandwich with Sprouts 

From: The Daily Meal


Easy, Mayo-Free Tuna

From: The Daily Meal


Quick Tip: Instead of Tupperware, try reusing cleaned-out plastic containers (like the ones you get from Whole Foods or take out) and recycling those when you're done.