The 10 Greatest Burger Places Outside America

The hamburger has long been considered an American classic. While the burger patty we know and love today is an American invention, ground beef patties have been being consumed for centuries under a variety of names. Hamburg steak — a dish of minced beef — was all the rage in Germany during the nineteenth century. When German immigrants landed in America, they brought the dish with them. 

The 10 Greatest Burger Places Outside America (Slideshow)

Initially considered a "workman's lunch," the humble hamburger has come a long way, and today even upscale restaurants offer a version. The burger phenomenon is so big that it has gone worldwide. Initially considered a "workman's lunch," the humble hamburger has come a long way.  

Restaurants and burger joints in many countries now give American diners a taste of their homeland with the burgers you'll find at the eateries on our list.

To arrive at our list of the best burgers in the world, The Daily Meal took into consideration burger places that have received positive reviews by locals and travelers alike, are on "best of lists" including one burger place that was featured on The Daily Meal's List of the 101 Best Restaurants in Asia 2013,  and have received a significant amount of positive press. 

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#10 Royale Eatery, Cape Town, South Africa

The signature burger at the Royale Eatery in Cape Town is called The Wagyu for a reason. It's a generous helping of meat from Wagyu-Angus cattle. The meat is accompanied by Citizen Beer–soaked pickled onions. Choose from your choice of cheeses (owners Sascha and Hugo Berolsky recommend Swiss). It all sits happily atop a pretzel bun.

#9 Trixie, Buenos Aires

Your first look at Trixie might have you thinking of runny eggs and bad coffee. The place is modeled after 1950s American Airstream trailer diners, complete with a pink neon sign, aluminum bar, chrome stools topped with red pleather, and vintage Marilyn Monroe and James Dean pics on the wall. Don't be fooled. While the decor is alluring in a kitschy sort of way, people come here for Trixie's Super Trixie Burger. It's a hand-formed patty stacked almost to the point of tipping over with bacon, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg, onion, and a healthy dousing of BBQ sauce. It comes with fries and onion rings. The only problem is figuring out how to get Super Trixie into your mouth in one piece.

Fabiana Santana is a special contributor to The Daily Meal. 

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