10 Great Winter Beers to Try

The best brews to toast the winter season

It may be the perfect time of year for enjoying a comforting cup of hot chocolate or a belly-warming glass of mulled wine, but just because the temperature outside is getting icy doesn't mean you can't reach for something ice-cold to toast the season.

A velvety, fruit-forward Belgian strong ale, perhaps? Or maybe a well-balanced, sessionable wheat ale that you can enjoy all night long? (After all, the madness of the holiday season has been known to drive us to do such things.)

In the ever-creative world of craft beer, winter serves as a rich source of inspiration. Beyond the clever plays on words (Doggie Claws, Hibernation Ale) and the fun, festively decorated labels, are genuinely good brews — no gimmicks. From dark, malty numbers with notes of pine to hop-powered IPAs, here are some favorite limited editions for the holiday season.

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