10 Cool Parties To Beat The Winter Blues

December is a marathon month for holiday parties and other social engagements. So much so that by the new year, sometimes all we want to do is sit on the couch, pop in the first disc of the Breaking Bad box set we got for Christmas, and hibernate for winter.

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But you can't let your social calendar burn out or the bleak temperatures outside give you the winter blues. January and February are the perfect months to throw a party.

We are big believers in the power of a themed party to get people out of the house during the darkest days of winter, preferably while wearing something silly. Come up with a party idea, design a festive Paperless Post invite, hit up your local thrift shop for outfit inspiration, and never underestimate the power of a tchotchke in making your party table come together.

Theme parties can be based on even the most nerdy or antisocial premises. If your first inclination is to play Wii home alone, why not throw a Winter Olympics potluck party instead, and get your closest friends to bring an international dish and join you for a game of downhill skiing? Want to watch a marathon of your favorite TV show? Turn it into a cheerful viewing night with a themed menu, as we do for our Mad Men party. No matter what activity you choose, it will likely be more uplifting with friends by your side and plenty of good food on the table.

Short days mean long nights, and we have 10 theme parties that are sure to make yours even more festive.

Click here for the 10 Cool Parties to Beat the Winter Blues Slideshow.