10 Great Secret Santa Gifts

Cool ideas for every price range to make your secret Santa a success!

Whether you're spending $5 or $50, we found the perfect gift to give!

The secret Santa game always brings feelings of both excitement and dread come Christmastime. Excitement because you wonder who will get you an awesome gift and dread for the "man, what do I get this person?" worries. What makes it even more challenging? The price limit.

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Oftentimes when we think of buying gifts for the holidays, we make it too complicated. After all, you know your secret Santa on some level — you just have to get creative. And one thing we know for sure is that everyone likes to spend some time in the kitchen. Whether your secret Santa loves to eat food or cook it, gifts for the stomach are a surefire way to capture their hearts. The best part is that food-inspired gifts can come at any price range and work for a wide array of people!

For example, one item on our list, a homemade DIY mug, is perfect for that guy in your office who always has a morning beverage in his hand — and it will cost you only $5. If you want to get even more creative, try pulling together a unique gift basket for $15. And if you don’t have time to make a gift? Don’t sweat it — there is plenty you can do at these prices to come up with a gift they will love. To help you find that perfect gift, we've compiled a list of easy Christmas ideas at a wide range of price points that will inspire you to gift the very best this holiday season.

So don’t break the bank this holiday season and give a gift they will love without hurting your wallet. Click through our slideshow for more secret Santa options now!


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