10 Great Avocado Salads

10 amazing salads featuring avocado

Avocado salad

Craving avocado? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite nutritious and delicious salads featuring avocado. These options range from the classic combination of avocado and corn to Cobb salad to a taste of the sea, paring avocado with shellfish like shrimp and crab. 

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Heartier options like the grilled marinated beef and avocado salad and the avocado chicken salad make for a great meal when you’re craving something a little more substantial, and others like the tomato, avocado, and wheat berry salad make for the perfect appetizer to serve to guests or a side dish to go with your entrée.

And an added bonus is that these salads are all good for your body. Recent research has shown that absorption of two key carotenoid antioxidants—lycopene and beta-carotene—increases significantly when fresh avocado is added to an otherwise avocado-free salad. One cup of fresh avocado added to a salad of romaine lettuce, spinach, and carrots increased absorption of carotenoids from this salad between 200-400%.


If you’re searching for avocado, we have it right here for you in 10 different salad recipes.