10 Funniest Food Scenes in Football Movies

Reminisce with these classic football movie food scenes

These foods scenes were a total touchdown!

When the Super Bowl rolls around, people get really into sports. They make football shaped cakes, paint their faces with team colors and generally run around with football fever. Whether you are supporting your home team or jumping on the bandwagon, it's always fun to get into the team spirit. And what better way than with a fun football movie marathon?

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We know there are the classics:’ Rudy,’ ‘The Blind Side,’ ‘Any Given Sunday.’ The underdog stories that inspire a nation and bring even the strongest of men to tears. We all love a good inspirational sports story but even more fun is the sports comedy. Think ‘The Game Plan’ or ‘Little Giants.’ These movies bring us to tears but instead, ones of serious laughter. We can't help but belly laugh every time Kathy Bates spouts off a rant about "foosball" in ‘The Water Boy.’ And the cheerleaders' chant about California Oranges in ‘The Replacements’ gets us cracking up every time.

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What better way to ring in Super Bowl weekend then by hunkering down and cracking ourselves up over hilarious food scenes? Whether they are outright hilarious or just a result of incredibly awkward, embarrassing moments, these 10 scenes combine our love of food and football beautifully.  We promise all of them will induce laughter and a smile.  So grab a snack, sit back and get ready to laugh at these great clips!