The 10 Funniest Food Jokes

Lettuce in, it’s cold outside!
food jokes
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There's nothing like a hearty chuckle to a corny joke.

What is it about food that inspires so many jokes? Maybe because there’s something universal about eating; everyone does it, everyone looks at a chicken and knows that it’s a chicken, and tries to figure out why it’s crossing the road. Either way, there’s no shortage of genuinely funny food-related jokes. We rounded up the 10 best we could find.

The 10 Funniest Food Jokes (Slideshow)

There are jokes, the ones that make you chuckle and maybe groan a bit, and then there are jokes, the ones that have you in stitches and wishing you had a better memory so you could recite them at every social gathering. For various reasons, most of these ones fall into the former category.

We dispensed with the longer-format, story-style jokes in favor of the question and answer ones, and because this is a family website we stick with the clean ones. There are some filthy food-related jokes out there, believe it or not, most having to do with eggs getting laid and/ or wieners, but we’ll let you find those on your own. 


We also didn’t include knock-knock jokes, because there’s maybe one knock-knock joke in the universe that’s remotely funny, and it has nothing to do with food (coincidentally, it’s also filthy). You’ve gotta admit, though, that the guy who invented knock-knock jokes deserves a No-bell Prize. (Zing!)


So, with all the best intentions, we present the top 10 food-related jokes, culled from scouring the internet as well as some of our editors’ memory reserves from their childhoods. No guarantees that they’ll make you the life of the next dinner party (you’ll need to bust out your Chuck Norris facts for that), but they’ll certainly be good for a chuckle.