10 Food-Themed Christmas Lights

Make your favorite food shine with these hilarious lights

Get a 'natural glow' by eating, er, hanging, these Christmas lights!

It can be really annoying to have friends who are solely into food sometimes. They have extremely particular tastes, they can make you feel gauche for buying Costco wine, and they might wrinkle their noses at your plain iodized salt. (Not everyone wants pink smoked Himalayan salt, you know?) On the plus side, these same friends can help you put together a cheese plate, lend you cool kitchen gadgets, and set a mean tablescape. So what do you get the food-loving friend who has everything for Christmas?

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Food gadgets are fun but can become drawer clutter pretty easily. So why not gift your friend some awesome decorations inspired by their favorite thing in the whole world? Everyone needs something to spruce up the joint at a backyard BBQ, wine tasting, or even their holiday. So that’s why we feel, in the spirit of the holidays, giving, and a good sense of humor, that food-themed string lights would be a great choice.

Whether you’re decorating a deck, a palm tree, a potted plant, or a Christmas tree, you’ll find plenty of options on our list to satisfy all your basic party needs. Pool parties just wouldn’t be complete without Popsicle lights for the kids (and margarita lights for the adults!). Maybe you need some calorie-free treats for your New Year’s resolution diet? We have cupcake lights for that! And there are even some healthy food options, too… if you’re into that kind of thing.


Keep your holidays light-hearted (get it?) and check out some of these super fun and hilarious food-themed Christmas lights for you or a lucky gift recipient!