10 Fattest States In America

Despite the vegan movement, the salads at McDonald's, and the many advocates for healthy eating, Americans just aren't slimming down. According to Trust for America's Health's "F as in Fat" report, obesity rates have increased in 16 states this past year.

In 1991, every single state in America had adult obesity rates less than 20 percent. Now, only Colorado does (with 19.8 percent). In terms of child obesity, Oregon has the lowest rate, with 9.6 percent, while Mississippi has the highest (21.9 percent).

 Here are the ten highest adult obesity rates:

1. Mississippi: 34.4. percent
2. Alabama: 32.3 percent
3. West Virginia: 32.2 percent
4. Tennessee: 31.9 percent
5. Louisiana: 31.6 percent
6. Kentucky: 31.5 percent
7. Oklahoma: 31.4 percent
8. South Carolina: 30.9 percent
9. Arkansas: 30.6 percent
10. Michigan: 30.5 percent

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