10 Fantastic White Wines for a Flavorful Fall

Put away the red wine, because these 10 white wines are perfect for the fall season that’s now in full swing

Fall is the perfect season to dip into these 10 fantastic white wines.

Summer is behind us and there’s a chill in the air. Lounging by the pool and playing on the beach have been replaced with turning leaves, bonfires, and turkey dinners. Still, white wine lovers may not be ready to surrender to bold and tannic cabernet sauvignons and malbecs but might be looking for something more substantial than a citrusy summer sauvignon blanc to keep them warm at night. Autumn is a time for transition, so why switch to those cold-weather standbys prematurely?

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A well-chosen white wine in the fall can be just as satisfying as a red, and they pair well with many classic, hearty, cool-weather dishes. Look for wines with more heft, richness, and flavor concentration to match weightier fall cuisine.


And of course, a traditional Thanksgiving table is full of competing textures and flavors. Choosing a wine for the meal may feel like a culinary feat. You’ll find some Thanksgiving gems here. There’s something for everyone, from easy-drinking everyday wines to more luxurious splurges and from wines you’ll recognize to wines you may never have heard of. And let’s face it — that chill in the air and the knowledge that soon we’ll be bundled in our winter layers will go down easier with a glass of good wine, whatever you choose