10 Fantastic Beachside Bars

Sun, surf, sand — Hawaii is the epitome of paradise on earth. And, having been born and raised in Honolulu, I'm a bona fide island girl with some serious beach bar expertise. That's right, I've imbibed at some of the very best waterside boites across the Aloha State and beyond.  

What makes a good beach bar in my book? Breathtaking seascape views, a sizzling scene, and stellar cocktails. Places like Honolulu's House Without A Key, which serves up a perfectly blended Trader Vic's 1944 Mai Tai, or The Bar at Private Sunset Beach, the scene-y seaside escape at Ian Schrager's latest boutique hotel. 

In addition to the seaside gems found in my home state are other right-on-the-beach favorites like San Francisco's Beach Chalet, a 1925 original with a Bible-sized drink menu, and Cape Cod's Beachcomber, known for its jumbo-sized Goombay Smash. Picking just 10 was no small feat, but here they are, my quintessential hit list of ultimate beach bars.

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