10 Facial Masks That Are Good Enough To Eat

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Food provides us with so many nourishing benefits. From essential vitamins and nutrients to emotional comfort and nostalgic grace. Most people are aware of the internal effects healthy food has on your body, but did you know that you can not only eat food for a better physical appearance, it can sometimes do more than those expensive beauty product serums you apply ritualistically?

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Alexis Wolfer, creator of The Beauty Bean and author of The Recipe for Radiance (debuting in April 2014) proudly promotes the restorative and nourishing effects food can have on beauty.   

"Seeing the effects an eating disorder had on my skin and hair profoundly changed the way I saw the power of using food for beauty," says Wolfer. "I immediately saw the effects a diet of sugar-free jello and fat-free everything had on my own beauty and it all grew from there."

In her first book, she provides readers with regimens and recipes for each beauty concern based off of a list of foods that will aid you both internally and externally.

"In general, processed foods are a no-go when it comes to eating from beauty," she explains. "Think of it this way: your skin is your body's largest organ and your pores are one of your body's biggest detoxifying mechanisms. So, everything you put into your body will eventually comes out through your skin in one way or another too. Eating healthy fats and antioxidant-packed fruit and vegetables? Your skin will radiate from the inside out. Eating white sugar, though, and your skin will look dull and sallow and be more prone to both wrinkles and acne."

To to help you glow from the inside out, Wolfer provided us with some 'edible" masks that will completely transform your beauty regimen. With her Avocado and Oat Facial mask, your skin will hydrate while being gently exfoliated and her Red Wine Mask will help take care of those wrinkles.

"A small food processor makes mixing a snap," advises Wolfer. "I also like to use mini spatulas and pastry brushes for easy (and mess-free!) application."

Get ready to mix up a delicious beauty  treatment  that will have you feeling fresh and healthy all over. Click through our slideshow for some truly beautiful recipes.