10 Drinking Games That Are Still Fun

Harken back to the halcyon days of college with these ten boozy games

College never ends.

Can we all agree that life was easier in college? A tight deadline meant that you had a month to finish an assignment, but did it all in one Red Bull-fueled night in the library. Money problems usually meant you had to sell your Norton Shakespeare for a half-gallon of vodka. And making new friends was as easy as tossing a ping-pong ball into a Solo cup full of beer.

10 Drinking Games That Are Still Fun (Slideshow)

Why did we stop playing those drinking games again?

Even if you’re above college age, drinking games can be a good way to perk up a lifeless party or to break the ice when worlds collide at a social function and groups of friends who don’t know each other very well meet for the first time.

And contrary to what junior year at university taught you, drinking games don’t have to be about slurping down as much alcohol as your gullet can handle in record breaking time (though they absolutely can be, depending on how dire the social situation has gotten).

It’s amazing how quickly people get friendly when you pull out a deck of cards and suggest a round of King’s Cup. Or how much you can learn about friends you thought you knew with a strategic round of Never Have I Ever. And it is virtually, nay, completely impossible to clam up around new acquaintances when you’re taking turns flipping a quarter into a shot glass.

So whether you’re just barely drinking age and looking for new ways to take your alcohol or you’ve been around the block and are just looking for nostalgia, the next time you’re at a party, pull out one of these tried and true drinking games and see how fast your drinking buddies become best friends. And remember, only the losers get drunk at beer pong.


You’ll need: A deck of cards, a drink

Where to play: Uncomfortable family gathering

Next time you’re at a tense holiday get together, whip out a deck of cards before anyone can say “Benghazi." Pyramid requires a lot of concentration but very little skill, so everyone will be too busy focusing and drinking to rattle off reasons your degree in studio art is a waste of money. 

Flip Cup

You’ll need: An even number of people, plastic cups filled 1/3 full of beer

Play when: You find yourself straining to make conversation with new buddies at a bar

Look, making friends is hard when you’re a grown up, so harken back to the halcyon days of college, where the most popular kid was the one best at flipping a plastic cup. You’re honestly not chugging that much beer, and flipping a cup with a finger is silly, yet difficult, a good way to loosen up and laugh until you find a commonality.


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