10 Drinking Apps You Need

There are countless apps for just about everything these days — so many that our head is spinning and we need a good stiff drink. Good thing our smartphones can point us in the right direction for the best beer, wine, cocktail, or coffee. 

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Likewise, there are a million drinking apps that can cause even more of a headache, which is why we've sought out the essential drinking apps that everyone should be using. Of course, we found lots of runner-ups: cocktail encyclopedias, beer dictionaries, and wine hunters. (We even like the apps that remind us to drink more water — because that too is an important drink.) But what made these apps stand out was their easy-to-use interfaces, databases with more than enough cocktails, and social interactivity. Consider these the answer to your Foodspotting and Yelp needs, only for drinks. 

Whether you're in need of a good beer to buy in stores, a new drink recipe to replicate at home, or a wine to go with your dinner, there are more than enough apps to meet your needs. Click ahead to find The Daily Meal's picks.