10 Dollhouse Kitchens Barbie Would Kill For

Do a double-take and look at the most convincing dollhouse kitchens around

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Believe it or not, this isn't a real kitchen.

As kids, we all had a fascination with playing "house." We wanted to be just like our parents, and so we cooked dinner with our plastic frying pans and cared for our baby dolls as our parents cared for us. This isn’t a new concept just to our generation; kids have been fascinated with toys that emulate real life for decades.

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One beloved childhood memory of many children is the year they received a dollhouse, a mini world they could control and get lost in. But who would have known that those toys and concepts could not only cross over into adulthood, but become an interesting art form, too?

There are many doll collectors of all ages who still get lost in that fun fantasy world, and some who do it so well that their creations turn into masterpieces. This is especially true for masters of the kitchen — and for once we aren’t talking about real-life cooks! In some of these magical playhouses, the room that stands out the most is the kitchen, and not just because we love to spend all of our time in there. The level of details some of these setups have is astounding, from tiny Heinz ketchup bottles to miniature KitchenAid mixers. 

We scoured the Internet to find some of the coolest dollhouse kitchens around and boy, did we find some winners. There are chic apartment kitchens so modern we wish we could move in and vintage replicas that take us back to our childhood in a flash. As you are marveling at the craftsmanship and design prowess these collectors have, keep in mind that they are all from dollhouses — absolutely none of these are the real thing. Check out these cool kitchens in our slideshow!

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Additional reporting done by Julie Kang