10 Dishes You Didn't Know Have Eggs

It is no secret that eggs are the main star of breakfast. With dozens of ways to enjoy them, it isn't hard to see why so many people opt for them as a way to start the day. But the truth is that eggs are essential to every day meals. They are what binds our dough and what makes our pie crusts a flaky, golden brown.

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The U.S. produces 75 billion eggs each year, which is about 10 percent of the world's egg supply, and many of the recipes you use call for at least one of them. Eggs are so essential to our diet that they make subtle appearances in snacks and desserts we don't even realize. Eat an omelette for breakfast and you know you're having eggs. But just because the eggs aren't poached, fried, or scrambled doesn't mean they're not there. Don't believe it? You could have egg on your face when you check the recipe's ingredients.

As you twirl your spaghetti around your fork, you are secretly eating eggs. Taking a bit of ice cream? Yep, you are getting a healthy serving of eggs. If you're spreading mayonnaise on your sandwich, you're enjoying an egg. With so many nutritious and useful properties, it isn't hard to understand why an egg appears in nearly every dish you consume.

So to have your mind blown from other egg-cellent dishes, click through our slide show. You may be surprised to not only find out which dishes have eggs, but also which ones feature eggs as the star ingredient!


Spaghetti has eggs.

Many fresh pastas, including spaghetti pomodoro and fettucine, are made with eggs and flour, unlike dried pastas which are typically egg-free and made from flour and water.

Arroz con Leche

arroz con leche

Like rice pudding, arroz con leche is a sweet and creamy rice dessert. In addition to rice, the recipe includes condensed milk, cinnamon, vanilla, whole milk, and egg. 

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