10 Coolest Birthday Cakes

A birthday celebration involves a few rituals. There are presents, there are cards and then there is of course, the iconic cake. And friend, the days of your mom baking a simple two layer box cake are long gone. Today, monuments of cake are erected in hopes of bringing the birthday person unbridled joy.

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The birthday cake is the second star of any birthday party. Everyone feels special on their birthday. It is the one day of the year when the focus is solely on you. For those that love food, the cake may even be the best part. It is what the entire party congregates around in celebration, so it is only natural that more attention to detail is placed on the birthday cake. It should not only be the birthday person's favorite flavor, it should reflect their personality and the things that they love to do.

We found some of the best, cutest, and elaborate birthday cakes that must have made the birthday boy or girl glow. From the incredibly detailed My Little Pony cake to the wild Dr. Seuss birthday cake we found, each of these cakes represent the birthday honoree in some special way.

Twin Birthdays

Glam girls, come on down. We love how this baker was able to really glam up the cake with small make up accessories that spoke to the twins' separate personalities.

Bookish Birthday

If you make it to 90, you deserve an amazing birthday cake. April Juan Cakes created this super personalized book cake, complete with an edible gingerbread cookie picture frame. 

To get inspired for the next birthday party you throw, take a look at these amazing cakes we found!