10 Cool Themed Parties For The New Year

Welcoming a new calendar year is like hitting the restart button. We say goodbye to last year's trials and tribulations, and focus our energy on creating a positive experience for the months to come. What better way is there to bid adieu to one year and welcome another than with a massive party?

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Some people spend the night packed into Times Square to admire the dropping ball in person, while others buy tickets for over-the-top New Year's bashes where everyone dresses to the nines and dances all night long. Others still prefer an intimate night in or dinner at a nice restaurant. All of these options are fun, but they either miss the group element of a party or cost a massive amount of money.

This time around, ring in the new year right by hosting a fabulous party at home — a themed extravaganza that you and your friends will never forget. Or, even if you do forget it, you'll have known it was a night well spent.

Whether you want to have a classy New Year's with a black and white ball or Hollywood-themed bash — or if you want to keep things cheesy with an old-school decade party — there's a cool New Year's party theme for you.