10 Cool Food Inspired Nail Designs

Food has two effects on what a person is like. There are those who eat to live — it fuels them, but doesn't really do much more than sustain them. Then, there are those who live to eat. You know the ones; those who revolve their lives around food, always out looking for the next best bite, searching for the newest food trend, or trying out the latest burger or sushi roll. The ones who live to eat, they really make their lives revolve around food.

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The people who live to eat are the ones you can spot wearing a t-shirt that says "Bacon gives me a lard-on" or sporting some cupcake earrings. They don't have a problem proclaiming their love for the entire world to see. Another way to rock the food accessory trend: food inspired nail designs. Sporting food on your nails isn't necessarily a new trend but it is one that we love, especially when they are fun and easy enough to do ourselves!

Take, for example, nails that have been done up to look like thick, juicy slices of watermelon, complete with a heavy green rind and black spotted seeds. Or maybe a loaded burger, filled with beef patties, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and all the traditional fixings. A sense of creativity and a few tools can take your nails from drab to exciting and creative in seconds. Just try to restrain yourself from biting your nails.... the designs can be quite tempting.