10 Chicken Recipes You Need To Know

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody has turkey on the brain. But right now we're daydreaming about another bird: chicken. With our 10 essential chicken recipes, you'll be pecking your plates clean. 

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Chicken is often thought of as the "plain Jane" of birds, commonplace with little taste. But there are several ways to dress up your chicken to make it extraordinarily craveable — even the classic roasted chicken can get a pick-me-up! As one of the most popular ingredients used in cooking, chicken can be incorporated into so many different dishes in several ways. You can roast it, grill it, fry it, or sauté it, and each method changes and enhances its flavor profile.

In our 10 Chicken Recipes You Need to Know, you'll find recipes inspired by all different cultures, from a riff on the traditional Buffalo chicken to a healthier version of chicken Parmesan, Mexican chicken taquitos, and a version of chicken pot pie that would be perfect for a fall entrée.

Cook these versions of this versatile bird to add new flavorful staples to your Rolodex of recipes.