10 Celebrities' Rider Food Requests

Celebrities may get the third degree when it comes to who they date, what they wear, and which rehab facility they've checked into (this week), but one of the best ways to judge the crazy factor of your favorite A-listers is by examining their riders — requests presented to a venue when celebrities tour or make appearances.

Lisa Morris, president of Road Concierge Inc., has firsthand experience. "To handle celebrity clients you need patience, accessibility, contacts,  flexibility and discretion," she explained. "You must be available 24/7 as changes can happen in an instant and you have to be prepared to deal with it. You just have to have the attitude that nothing is impossible. I once had an entire party booked at a hotel and then the celebrity decided he wanted to throw the party at a different hotel and had to rearrange the entire thing with less than two hours' notice. If you cannot handle constant changes to all the work you have done, do not work for a celebrity. Your job is to make sure that whatever they wish for, they get."

We tracked down 10 intriguing food requests from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Steve Martin, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and more. Excerpts from each celebrity's rider were extracted from The Smoking Gun, which obtains and publishes public documents and mugshots, then cross-checked with other established publications like Entertainment Weekly and the New York Daily News.

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