10 Boar's Head Meats You Shouldn't Eat A Lot Of

When you find yourself at the deli counter at your local supermarket, you're faced with a couple of decisions. Ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, bologna — the options can be overwhelming. We're here to reassure you that the vast majority of cold cuts are very low in fat and calories, but it's good to know which ones aren't. We've gone through every product that Boar's Head, one of the nation's most trusted cold cut companies, produces, and have rounded up their 10 most fat-, calorie-, and sodium-laden offerings.

10 Boar's Head Meats You Shouldn't Eat a Lot Of (Slideshow)

Before we get to the unhealthy stuff, let's chat for a minute about the healthier options, which also happen to be the most popular sellers: ham, turkey, and roast beef. All of these offerings are surprisingly lean: their Virginia ham contains only 1 gram of fat and 60 calories in a 2-ounce serving; Ovengold turkey has the same amount; and their London broil top round roast beef contains only 3 grams of fat and 70 calories in a 2-ounce serving.

The sodium content in cold cuts is a concern, but Boar's Head has found ways to remedy that issue as well. A serving of ham contains 590 milligrams of sodium, but their Black Forest Low-Sodium Ham contains 440, which is on the low end for an innately salty product like ham. Ovengold turkey contains 350 milligrams, but their No Salt Added Turkey Breast contains just 55. And while the roast beef contains 310 milligrams, the No Salt Added Top Round contains just 40.

The good thing about cold cuts is that while it's not always easy to tell how high in sodium they are just by looking at them, you can easily gauge which ones will be higher in fat, for the most part. For example, by just looking at a piece of salami, and noticing how it's speckled with fat, you can tell that it has a higher fat content than, say, turkey. But which has more fat and calories, salami or bologna? Liverwurst or olive loaf? We've rounded up the top 10 unhealthiest cold cut offerings from Boar's Head, including Italian charcuterie, so the next time you're at the deli counter you'll know which ones you might want to eat in moderation. All our serving sizes are two ounces to keep it consistent.