Most Bizarre Pizza Toppings

These days, it seems that no matter where you are there is a new pizza shop opening up on every corner, serving up pies hot and fast. Yet with pizza being as readily available as it is, it's a cause for celebration when you find a restaurant that is doing something extraordinary with its pies. One sure fire way for pizza chefs to distinguish their creations is to delight customers' taste buds with out-of-the-box topping combinations.

For the purposes of this list, we chose to focus on pizzas with savory toppings only, leaving dessert pizzas out (we're not saying sweet pizzas don't deserve their due, but they're a different breed of animal). We also eliminated the toppings that may be outrageous, but have made the rounds already (we're talking BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, and breakfast pizzas here).

The pies included in this roundup have toppings that either lend a cultural fusion of flavors (crab rangoon or palak paneer) or add a unique sense of whimsy to the pizza-eating experience (corndog or cashew and cream cheese).

It has certainly been said that close to anything can be put on a pizza (anything edible that is; obviously car tires and sheet metal have no business topping a pizza), but some ingredients are simply more bizarre than others. The combinations listed are as outrageous as we could find, but if you know of a zany pie worth noting, please let us know!

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