10 Best Things To Eat And Drink If You Do Pilates

You've done the work, but in order to maintain that flexibility, strength, and stamina that you've built through your Pilates regime, be sure to eat (and drink!) accordingly.

Although Pilates has been around since the early twentieth century, it's only growing in popularity. With so many new studios on the rise, while you get in shape with the fitness craze that many pro-athletes swear by, make sure you're eating the right food to complement your workout.

10 Best Things to Eat and Drink If You Do Pilates (Slideshow)

Since Pilates is core-centered, for example, you might think about skipping a pre-workout nosh. After all, no one wants to feel queasy during practice. But, to stay focused and motivated through your class, it's important to keep your body fueled. To achieve this, try for a complete meal one to two hours before you sweat or a healthy snack 20 minutes prior to your class. Foods that keep your blood sugar up are key, but make sure not to try anything too adventurous before your class, especially if you don't know how your body may react.

Once you've finished your workout, even if you're not hungry, head for the fridge. You're in recovery mode, and it's important to feed your body to repair muscle tissue and replenish your energy. Chef and Pilates instructor at New York's Uptown Pilates, Vehia Walker, recommends snacks or meals that are high in proteins and carbohydrates and low in sugar. Here are ten terrific food and drink options that you can keep in the kitchen for before and after you hit your Pilates program.

Stay Hydrated!

Although you should do your best to avoid most sports drinks, which are often filled with added sugars, make sure to drink lots of water; 8 to 10 glasses a day is ideal for those who are dedicated Pilates practitioners.

Skip Juices

Instead, choose actual fruit, which will give you added fiber. Guava tops the fiber chart with nine grams per serving, but raspberries provide a respectable eight.

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