The 10 Best Restaurants In Austin

It's SXSW time in Austin again which means it time to declare the 10 best restaurants in Austin!  

The 10 Best Restaurants in Austin (Slideshow)

I've lived in Austin, Texas for nearly 20 years, and I have always been astounded at how varied and vibrant the food culture is here. While it is true that Austin has always had a lot to offer food-wise, the truth is that Austin has really only come into its own as true food destination in the last few years.

We have everything in Austin from the little hole-in-the-wall joints that you hope always stay your little secret, to high-end fare and quirky trucks and trailers, focusing on locally sourced products. Then there's the cooking styles you'll find: Ethiopian, American, French, Mexican but that just begins to scratch the surface!

Much has been written lately of the now-legendary trucks, trailers, and hole-in-the-wall joints, so this time we'll focus on some great high-end establishments. You know, the kinds of places where you can feel truly spoiled and have a chance to appreciate the finer things. So we at the Daily Meal have decided to sample some of the best and of the finest in Austin. Here goes...enjoy!