10 Best Pinterest Boards For Table Settings Slideshow

Centerpieces and Tablescapes

There's a lovely use of flowers in this board's selection of romantic tabletop images, mixing blossoms with succulents (a popular trend), and using unconventional containers. Also check out the vignette of photos of imaginative hanging glass jars and other items that, while not exactly table settings, still help to create the ambience at the table.


This board favors the antique, like a stacked collection of sepia-colored plates that, coupled with whimsical details, paint a picture of updated shabby chic. A palette of traditional colors lets the refined pieces shine, as does the inclusion of natural elements like moss or an artichoke-turned-bud vase.

Wedding and Event Inspiration

Full of folksy details, this user's board celebrates the sweet combination of rustic and childlike details. It's that twee sensibility — with a huge dose of DIY — that gives the bright tablescapes that "Oh this? I just threw it together" coolness, but in reality, conceiving of the décor minutia, like chalkboard paint for writing names on lemonade glasses, is half of the work.

Mind Your Manners

Like its name, Mind Your Manners' images show a fascination with the primness of old-timey accessories — think roses and pearls — that seem edgier in a rustic, country setting. There is simplicity in the styling of the images and a prevalence of white that are good counterpoints to the rococo feel of heirlooms and antiques.

Tablescapes, Dinnerware, & Picnics

A mix of formal and casual dining ideas, this board favors countrified elegance over the more hipster-driven whimsy. Imagine a Provençal aesthetic with items from a Southern belle's cupboard. How to pull off a picnic with antique china? There are plenty of ideas here.


A dazzling board from TenEighty Ink, a company that creates customized stationery, gives an idea of the company's aesthetic and, in that way, makes it a brilliant marketing tool. The table settings chosen have a modern feel with glamorous flourishes that can be sourced for weddings and dinner parties alike.

Party Party

Full of bold colors and cute details, this board is a good source of ideas for parents who don't want to rely on Party City for their children's birthdays. Find lots of ideas for cheerful tablescapes that incorporate practical but fun elements and recognizable images like Mickey Mouse that would delight the kids as well as the kid in you.

Get the Party Started

Here's a board that's another great resource for planning kid-friendly parties. Construction workers, pirates, princesses — all the typical party themes that children beg for year after year, only classed up and much more craft-inspired. There are also some inventive photos for adult party ideas, like a spa party or a crossword puzzle-themed party.

Tables & Décor

Posted by the wedding blog Style Me Pretty, this board is one of the biggest we've seen that features primarily table settings, and though it's wedding-oriented, there are plenty of ideas for any type of event. With the blog's signature aesthetic of sweet but elegant with vintage charm, the images showcase lots of dreamy outdoor and seaside events.

Wedding Parties and Events

Best for anyone planning a wedding who's set on having a dramatic tablescape, this board displays the bold and formal with a pretty, preppy sensibility. It's full of lovely bright colors and ingenious ways to incorporate found objects and romantic elements like candles and lanterns.