10 Best Low-Calorie Cocktails

You spent the last few months attending parties, soirées, and gatherings while eating, well, everything in sight. Now that we're almost done with month three of 2013, have you kept your New Year's resolution? Whether you've been hitting the gym or sleeping in, indulging in boozy temptations can take you way off course, especially when some cocktails can have as much as a whopping 1,000 calories. And while those creamy piña coladas may be a perfect heat-buster to welcome spring and summer, too many alcoholic treats can easily pack on the pounds. Just remember: it will take an average person about one hour of competitive basketball (or a similar physical activity) to burn off three standard drinks (or about 300 calories). 

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Does this mean it's time to give up on happy hour altogether? Not if we can help it. For those watching their waistlines, but still looking to kick back with a tasty, refreshing libation, we've discovered several slimmed-down cocktails that don't skimp on taste and quality. After all, you'll want to be drinking Watermelon Fizzes and Bluegrass cocktails all summer long — and you won't feel bad about it the next day. Plus, several health experts provided us some secrets and tips on enjoying your favorite drink without the lingering guilt. Click ahead to find low calorie versions of your favorite drinks that will get you in ready for bikini season — cheers!