10 Best Food Magazines From Around the World

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Even in the digital age, these publications continue to lead — if not redefine — food and beverage journalism

ACQTASTE is helping to reshape food journalism in Canada.

Before digital food media took off, many people had their go-to print source for the latest food and beverage news, travel itineraries, entertaining tips, chef interviews, restaurant and product reviews, and recipes. These were, and still largely are, the comprehensive guides to the culinary world. Some of the most established still have a strong following despite the online competition, but it’s no surprise that the overall number of print magazines around the world has dwindled in recent years, leaving only the best on today’s magazine rack.

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We’ve rounded up the world’s top food magazines that continue to provide readers with an increasingly rare hard copy. For the most part, these publications have either paved the way for food and drink journalism in their respective countries, or are now part of a generation that is redefining what print food journalism looks (and feels) like in the digital age.

Some of the titles on our list, like La Cucina Italiana, are likely to be more familiar to American readers since they have U.S. counterparts, while others, like South Africa’s Food & Home Entertaining, are probably yet to be on most of our radars. Most of our picks are published in English, but others, like France’s Elle à Table and Germany’s Der Feinschmecker, will require you to exercise your foreign language skills.

Different publications have different policies about shipping internationally, so unless you find yourself in the given country, many of these titles might be difficult to find. Of course, nearly all of them have websites nowadays, but for good reason, these pages usually only serve to complement the physical copy. Some are more recipe-based and others focus on trends and reviews, but all are food- and beverage-driven.    

No matter their scope, these print magazines are (or are at least becoming) some of the most respected food publications in the world. They are leading voices in their country for news and trends while playing active roles in shaping a country’s respective culinary practice. 

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