10 Best Dine-In Movie Theaters

These theaters are offering dinner and a movie all in one place

These theaters allow you to enjoy your meal while watching new releases.

The combination of dinner and a movie is one of America’s favorite date-night choices. Now, some theaters around the country are allowing you to experience both at the same time. Dine-in movie theaters allow guests to eat their dinner while watching a movie, and these dinners offer menus that are far from standard concessions fair.

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Serving dishes that include everything from chicken-fried steak to oysters and shellfish, these movie-theater chefs are elevating movie-goers’ dining experiences. Many of the chefs use locally sourced foods and have a seasonally changing menu.

Other theaters, like Flix Brewhouse in Texas, serve as both a microbrewery and a theater. Some theaters are even themed, like the Bagdad Theater and Pub in Portland, which is decorated with Middle Eastern decor. Whether you are looking for a comfortable reclining chair to lounge in (avaliable at Village Roadshow Gold Class Theaters) or gourmet popcorn, these theaters offer unique movie experiences. 


We compiled a list of the best dine-in theaters across the country based on dining amenities, menu variety, price, and food quality. From California to Brooklyn, here are the best theaters across the country where you can catch and flick and also grab a bite.