10 Great Paris Crêperies

In Paris, there is definitely no shortage of good crêperies. The crêpe, a thin pancake made from wheat or buckwheat flour, is an iconic French treat. It can be savory or sweet, since crêpes work well with different fillings. Here are some of the best crêperies in Paris:

Breizh Café
The well-known crêperie can be found in Marais. They serve galettes, or savory crêpes, that are made with seasonal vegetables and organic ingredients. Finish your meal with sweet crêpes for dessert. The café is small and tends to be crowded, so reservations are recommended.

West Country Girl
The crêpes at West Country Girl range from smoked pork intestine sausage wrapped in buckwheat galette to a sweet crêpe topped with an entire baked apple and covered with salted caramel. To the crêperie, nothing is more important than the butter that's used to make the crêpes.

Ty Breiz
Enjoy generous serving of crêpes on the terrace of Ty Breiz. There's a wide selection of savory and sweet crêpes at affordable prices, and the restaurant is conveniently located near the Montparnasse train station. For a second helping, try the chocolate crêpe with salted butter.

Crêperie Bretonne
Crêperie Bretonne is filled with antiques depicting ancient Brittany and serves crispy, thin crêpes like the "Gwenn ha Du," which is drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream.

142 Creperie Contemporaine
At 142 Creperie Contemporaine, choose from a selection of ciders, a Breton specialty, to pair with your crêpes. Try the duck galette and the crêpe with warm apple, almond crumbs, and vanilla ice cream, and burn off some of the calories with a brief walk to the Eiffel Tower.

This crêperie may be very busy since it's a well-known restaurant and a tourist attraction, but the wait may be worth it. Consider the buckwheat galette with goat cheese and honey, or the signature Josselin galette, with egg, ham, cheese, and mushroom.

Le Pot o Lait
This crêperie is known for their "Robiquette," which is a galette filled with goat cheese, sour cream, bacon, and lettuce, their "Savoyard," which has Emmental cheese, potatoes, raclette, Bündnerfleisch, and ham, and their "Port," which is filled with scallops, shrimp, and homemade cream sauce. A notable dessert is the "Grandmother Crêpe," which comes with a choice of jams such as strawberry, orange, apricot, and more. 

Little Breizh
It'd probably be hard to not have a good time eating Little Breizh's salmon galette with a glass of dry cider in hand. For a second round, try the Teddy Breizh, which are two crêpes stacked with powdered biscuits, marshmallow bears, Chantilly, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and caramel.

Ti Jos
Situated in Montparnasse, the crêperie has been serving delicious crêpes to locals and tourists since 1937. Since the 1960s, the restaurant invited singers to perform, including Irish bands such as The Dubiners and the Wolfe Stones. Listen to music as you dine on a ham, egg, and cheese galette and a chocolate, banana, and Chantilly cream crêpe.

La Compagnie de Bretagne
The restaurant uses organic ingredients to make the crêpes, and there are twenty artisanal ciders to choose from. They open every day until midnight, so there's no excuse to skip a midnight snack. Soak in the modern atmosphere and watch the chefs at work through the glass window as you eat.