10 Best Burgers in Boston

Here's a list of the best burgers in The City on a Hill

Craigie on Main's house burger.

Bostonians get serious about a few important things, and one of them is where to get the best burger in town. From classically simple to fully loaded, here are our top picks for Beantown.

JM Curley
The burgers here are so good the bar had to send out a Facebook request begging customers to help them out of their ‘burgatory.' Simply dressed or with an egg and bacon (or both), one bite and you’ ll understand why you might never stray from ordering this item when you visit JM.

West Bridge
Although not a regular item on their menu, they release a limited number of burgers as part of their late night menu starting at 10 p.m. With bacon, lettuce, taleggio cheese, tomato, and the tastiest, juiciest meat you can sink your teeth into - it's a perfect solution to that late night craving.

Craigie on Main
Only available at the bar, this burger has been named as one of Boston's best burgers by Boston Magazine and Boston Globe Magazine, and was included on Food & Wine's 2012 "Best Burgers in the US." It's a simple classic devoid of frills, except for their homemade ketchup that's slightly tangy and really makes all the difference.

Only 15 burgers are available daily and they tend to fly out of the kitchen. Theirs is made with 7X beef, exclusively sold to the Barbara Lynch Gruppo. Employees here swear by them, and fiercely too, so be careful when talking burgers within earshot...and they have ears everywhere.

Tavern Road
With some ardent followers, their original burger with sriracha (baked into the burger meat) and an extra dollop of sriracha aioli on top has been on hold for a few months as they try out their new lamb burger. It's a solid contender and a nice break from your usual beef mainstay - we are all still dying to get the original back on the menu, however. Old habits die hard... especially in Bahston.

The Butcher Shop
Considering their high quality meats, it is no wonder their burger made this list. In the summertime, they have a stellar "Burgers and Beers" series, but their wonderful wine list does just as well. 

Alden and Harlow
After a few years at Russell House Tavern, chef Michael Scelfo perfected a number of creative burgers that were only available as a "secret order." At Alden and Harlow, the burger is no longer secret, but a staple item on their ecclectic menu, and it does not disappoint.

The Gallows

Hands down the best burger to be had in the South End, The Gallows has an impressive five burgers on their menu.  Ranging from classic with cheese and grilled onions and pickles, to a burger with extravaganze - think foie gras mousse, maple cider jelly, red cabbage slaw and raclette (King Of The North indeed!) there is something for any burger lover - so long as you are a meat lover as well! Wash any of their burgers down with a poutine and you'll be one happy camper.

Back Bay Social Club
Another favorite of Bostonians, Back Bay Social Club has a $22 burger on their menu, made of dry-aged beef smothered in caramelized onions and sharp cheddar. Who said simple couldn't be exquisite?

Boston Chops


For that late night craving, Chef Chris Coombs has just the burger for you...alongside boozy milkshakes as well. From 10p.m. - 1 a.m. seven nights a week, for 6 dollars.  It's simple, cheap, delicious. What more could you possibly want?