10 Best Bar Crawls Around The World Slideshow

Dublin: The Dublin City Pub Crawl

Learn to pour a foam-free pint in the city that downs beer with national pride. At The Dublin City Pub Crawl, participants are escorted around four classic Irish pubs, including The Porterhouse Brewing Company, which brews its own award-winning beer. With free Irish beer tastings, discounted drinks, and a final stop at one of Dublin's top-rated nightclubs, this crawl sets the standard in beer drinking. The luck of the Irish may be a myth, but you'll need some to be the last one standing at the end of the night.

Australia: Sydney & Marybourough

With the World's Greatest Pub Fest breaking Guinness World Records in Maryborough, Australia, the land down under sets the bar in how to really party. Featuring an annual costume contest during the crawl, an estimated 10,000 participants, and a free bus route throughout the participating locations, this is your chance to make it into the history books. Too overwhelming? Join another kind of 12-step program on Sydney's Paddington Pub Crawl. Follow the route to 12 neighborhood pubs and see if you have what it takes to make it to The Three Weeds— the last stop, and one of the oldest bars in the area.

London: Monopoly Board Pub Crawl

For all those board game fans, here is a chance to take your competitive streak to the next level. London's Monopoly Board Pub Crawl invites participants to land on all 26 locations featured on the London Monopoly board. Top honors, and a spot on the Wall of Fame, go to those who make it to all 26 and have an alcoholic drink at each place. Highlights include Fleet Street, where the bar of choice is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a historic pub with a cloaked reference in Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. Take a "chance" and sign up for this inventive crawl. Just make sure you don't land in jail by the end of the night!

Boston: The Freedom Trail Historic Pub Crawl

On The Freedom Trail Historic Pub Crawl, participants receive an education on the founding of America, and on the beer halls that helped make it all possible. Visit the same pubs where Boston's courageous few would gather and discuss their plans for American liberty. Taste the famed ale at the Bell-in-Hand, originally served with a second mug for the foam alone. Enjoy some of Boston's classic seafood eats at Union Oyster House, and have a pint at The Green Dragon Tavern, a former favorite of Paul Revere and John Hancock. End the night with a sampler of Boston's classic Sam Adams beer.

Buenos Aires: The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

When you've tired of learning the tango, spend an evening with locals and visitors alike on The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl. With events going on each night of the week, this is truly a master pub crawl. Make friends with people from all across the globe as you drink, dance, and maybe even learn a little Spanish. Featuring freebies like pizza, beer, shooters, and club admission, you'll end the night wanting to come back for more.

West Village, New York: West Village Pub Crawl

In a city bursting with bars and pubs on nearly every corner, The West Village Pub Crawl in New York offers a unique glimpse at the favorite spots of music and literary legends. Imagine Jimi Hendrix playing a live show as you sip a beer at Café Wha. Read some of Dylan Thomas' poems at the scene of his death in The Whitehorse Tavern. Mingle with other creative-minded individuals as you learn about the history of some of the oldest pubs in New York City. With three free drinks, and a guided tour of each historic site, this crawl is both informative and entertaining.

Prague: Prague Pub Crawl International Party

With a selection of unlimited Bohemian absinthe, Czech beer, Moravian wine, and vodka shooters, the Prague Pub Crawl International Party is a wild ride. Worried about lasting the whole night? You can have pizza delivered to Dlouha 24, the first bar of the night, to line your stomach, and prep you for the night ahead. After making it through the rounds of four different bars, you'll finish off the night at a five-story club. Walk past the lines, and head straight inside to party with your new friends until the wee hours of the morning.

Montreal: The Montreal Pub Crawl

Known not only for its European charm and delicious poutine, Montreal serves up some of the best nightlife with The Montreal Pub Crawl. Participants visit four different venues, receive free shots and beer, and enjoy a night of partying without the hassle of long lines or cover fees. Make new friends with people from around the world, all with the same goal: to have a sinfully fun night in The City of Saints.

Santa Monica: Le Tour de Strand

For anyone that has a dual love of cycling and beer, make Santa Monica's 29th annual Le Tour de Strand your pub crawl of choice. Cyclists can ride the path along the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach, stopping along the way at designated watering holes. Joined en masse by UCLA students, participants are encouraged to dress in school colors or costumes. Bike rentals are available at the start of the tour and with all those calories you'll be pedaling off, there's no reason not to grab a cold one at every stop.

Chicago: TBOX (Twelve Bars of Xmas) Pub Crawl

One of Chicago's biggest crawls, Ten Bars of Xmas, or TBOX, features a 2011 theme of Camp TBOX "Because everyone always says, 'So this one time, at TBOX...'" With numbers spiraling beyond 10,000 participants in past years, each crawl seems to top itself in enthusiasm, themes, and participation. Vie for a spot on the coveted royal court, a group of the top participants and best costumes, or bring a box of cereal for the now iconic cereal shots. With more than 36 pubs listed on the itinerary, come prepared for a long night of drinking, dancing, costumes, and lots of cereal eating.