10 Best Back-of-the-Can Recipes

Here are 10 delicious recipes made easy with the help of a trusted pantry staple

Turn to your pantry's trusted canned goods when looking to make an easy but delicious meal.

Every little shortcut in the kitchen is appreciated, from the help of a food processor to premixed seasoning packets, and one that should never be overlooked is one of your pantry’s most common staples, canned foods.

From canned fruit to stock and soups, canned foods are more than just convenient because they’re food that’s instantaneously ready at the twist of a can-opener, but they’re valuable kitchen helpers because of all that they do as part of a bigger meal.

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While authentic, elbow-deep, and laborious recipes are always to be treasured, sometimes time and convenience is our priority. Take an authentic enchiladas recipe, for example, which requires several different ingredients including spices, stock, and thickeners. What if you could put an enchiladas recipe together in minutes by opening a can and stirring the contents together with chicken and cheese? The same could be said for an elegant pasta Alfredo, or a chicken and corn casserole. Satisfying and delicious meals don’t always have to require so much effort and can come together in minutes by just turning to your pantry’s canned foods for help.


To show you what we mean, we’ve gathered 10 great, delicious, and easy recipes that come from right off the back of a can. Using everything from Campbell’s soups like cream of chicken or mushroom to Del Monte’s canned sliced peaches, these recipes don’t require as much leg work as others and can be an easy solution for you when you’re short on time but don’t want to sacrifice flavor.