10 Best Back-of-the-Can Recipes (Slideshow)

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Here are 10 delicious recipes made easy with the help of a trusted pantry staple

Broccoli Alfredo Recipe


An elegant pasta dinner comes together with the helf of Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup. 

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Easy Chicken Enchiladas Recipe


Enchiladas may sound like a complicated dish, but with the help of Campbell's Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup, you can get strong, authentic flavors in no time. 

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4-Minute Breakfast Fruit Smoothies Recipe

Del Monte Foods

Everyone's always saying that smoothies are a fast and easy way to get your nutrition in the morning, but what if you don't have time to prepare the fruit? Del Monte makes it easy with this recipe using their canned, sliced peaches to combine with Greek yogurt, a fresh banana, and a hint of vanilla. 

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California Shrimp Tacos with Corn Salsa Recipe

Taste of Home

"After trying fish tacos, I fell in love. I wanted to recreate them at home and thought, 'Why not use shrimp?' It's an affordable healthy way to feed my seafood-loving family."

— Kayla Peters, Cecilia, Ky., of Taste of Home

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Cornbread Chicken Bake Recipe

Taste of Home

To make the most of leftover cornbread, try this hearty main-dish casserole given to Taste of Home by Madge Britton from Afton, Tenn. "It's moist, delicious and good on any occasion," she notes.

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Chicken Broccoli Pesto Recipe


Pesto steals the stage in this pasta recipe, and it's given an extra boost of flavor from the help of Campbell's Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup.

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Shredded Barbecue Chicken Over Grits Recipe

Taste of Home

"There’s nothing like juicy meat over steaming grits. And the pumpkin in these grits makes them taste like a spicy, comforting bowl of fall flavors. Your family will come running to the table for this one."

— Erin Renouf Mylroie, Santa Clara, Utah, Recipes Across America

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Toasted Almond Green Beans Recipe

Del Monte Foods

A versatile and classic dish too delicious (and easy) to enjoy only at holiday meals — serve any day with chicken, fish, pork, or beef!

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Weeknight Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Del Monte Foods

Dinner during the week is often not allotted a lot of time, so this recipe using Del Monte's canned diced tomatoes and canned green beans helps you put together a delicious and healthy meal in minutes. 

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Mediterranean Bulgar Salad Recipe

Taste of Home

Whether it's health or taste you're after, it doesn't get any better than this — bulgur, beans, tomatoes, pine nuts, and olive oil team up in this vegetarian main dish salad. CW's food editor, Wendy Stenman, created this just for The Healthy Kitchen and shared it with Taste of Home.

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