10 Best Artisanal Treats To Try In New York City

It's a destination for chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and artists alike, so it's no surprise that New York City specializes in specialty foods. The ever-evolving food scene in the city champions innovation, creativity, and expertise, making it the perfect atmosphere to harbor artisanal craftsmanship.

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What makes a food definitively artisanal? First, the creator must be a master at their craft, typically having studied and undergone an apprenticeship, and preferably having proven expertise in their field. New York City is the epicenter of renowned, award-winning chefs who've studied all over the world and come to Manhattan to prove themselves.

Next, the ingredients must be fresh, of the highest quality, and local. Artisanal foods are typically free of processing and ideally don't require machines to prepare; yielding handmade, gourmet, and frequently organic items. Artisanal products are also, by definition, often made in small batches using traditional techniques, according to Merriam-Webster. When combined, these factors makes these treats  perfect for on-the-spot tastings.

With a wide array of artisanal foods and fair share of makers, a tasting tour is a fun and unique way to spend a day in New York City. From fine chocolates at Jacques Torres Chocolate to cheese at Murray's Cheese Bar, there is something for everyone, from sweet to savory and everything in between.

Ashley Day is the New York City Travel Editor for The Daily Meal.