10 Best Apps for Hungry Travelers Slideshow


Local Eats

The Local Eats app is like a private club. It excludes chains to feature the best locally-owned establishments, from mom-and-pop joints to roadside barbeque. Each listing comes with a “Savings” tab. If a restaurant is currently running a special, a coupon will pop up directly on your phone’s screen. Simply show it to your waiter to redeem.

Food TV Maps

Food TV Maps makes finding the dishes featured on popular food shows easy. Accessing content from 11 programs including, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Throwdown, and No Reservations, the app allows users to narrow their search by show, location, cuisine, and cost. So wherever you roam, discovering the best thing you could possibly eat will always be right at your fingertips.


Featuring over 30,000 beers in its online catalog, the Beerby (rhymes with “nearby”) app allows users to log and comment on beers they drink. But it gets better. All those logged beers help to build an extensive database of what people are drinking at any given location. The weary traveler can now stare down a street lined with bars and know exactly which pub he should drop in to find his favorite suds.

Happy Hours

Wherever you plan to visit one thing is guaranteed: It will be five o’clock somewhere. So find budget-friendly booze with this eponymous app. It boasts 34,000 happy hours in 106 cities with community-ranked reviews and editorial content supplied by the Village Voice and LA Weekly.

Chocoholic Traveler

Admitted chocoholic and longtime journalist, Kay Harwell Fernandez, has traveled the world in search of the best chocolate experiences. She shares 135 of them on Chocoholic Traveler, from a chocolate high tea in South Africa to a chocolate brunch in Washington DC. The best part? The app is calorie free.  


Since we eat with our eyes first, Foodspotting uses images to help a discerning diner find the best dishes at restaurants. Users snap pictures of their meals and then upload them to Foodspotting for viewing. Fellow diners vote on what dishes they liked best.

Open Table

Open Table certainly isn’t new, but it’s essential for any traveler because of how easy it is to use to get a reservation.  With an automatic account log-in and dining options available in practically every port, you can find a table for two at 8 p.m. in half a minute.

The Food Trucker App

Capitalizing on the food truck phenomenon, the Food Trucker app serves up meals on wheels locations in nine food-centric cities like New York City, San Francisco, Portland, and Washington, D.C. A map function is available for those trucks that post their location via GPS.

Wine by the Bar

Though the Wine by the Bar app won’t help you locate a wine bar, it will help you remember what you drank. Use your phone to scan a bottle’s barcode, then take a picture of the label, and add a note. When you return home, you can wirelessly search for the wine in local stores. If nothing else, it will save you from having to jot notes on a napkin, then promptly losing it.

Veg Out – Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

For vegetarians, exploring a new city can be a Catch-22. The abundance of new restaurants means having to work extra hard to find eateries that cater to one’s diet.  The Veg Out app makes the task easier by providing the world’s largest listing of vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.