10 Beautiful Hotel Pools To Laze By

There is nothing like arriving to a beautiful hotel with a grand lobby, plush accommodations, and multiple award-winning restaurants, only to find a pool that looks like it belongs at a Motel 6. To truly live in the lap of luxury, a pool should have an unforgettable view, should be heated to perfection, cocktails should be in abundance, and some kind of mosaic design doesn't hurt either. If a hotel is going to pay astronomical prices to have a pool, they should do it well.

These hotels have set the bar incredibly high. Boasting stunning views, private cabanas, bars, and year-round access, these are the gold standard of swimming; so lavish you'll want to start talking like Robin Leach. Whether you've got kids, are with friends, or on a romantic getaway, there's a pool to fit your every desire — party at the rooftop pool at the Standard Hotel in LA, gape at the view at Villa D'Este's floating pool in Italy, or enjoy the Art Deco design at the Raleigh's pool in Miami.

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