10 Awkward Food Moments On A First Dinner Date

Whether you are asking someone out to dinner or just got asked yourself, there are a ton of things you are feeling right now. Excitement is definitely one of them, after all, you are going to dinner with a total fox who could potentially become your life-long partner. On the other hand, you are likely a big ball of nerves, worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. We can't blame you because there are a ton of things that can go wrong. This isn't to scare you, but rather to prepare you for the potential of date disaster.

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"One of the most embarrassing things I've ever witnessed was when a date became nauseated by their meal and had to run to the bathroom," says David Tutera, party planner and etiquette master extraordinaire. "That certainly cut the evening short! To keep this from happening, avoid ordering outlandish things that you've never tried before, and stick to something you know will agree with you.

There are plenty of instances to avoid, whether you are the one making the mistakes or your date is.

"It's a good idea to avoid anything messy on a first date," Tutera advises. "This includes a saucy pasta, a slurpy soup or sloppy bbq or really, anything you have to eat with your hands. Something off the kid's menu should also be considered a big no-no. You do want to come off as a 'mature adult' after all."

From the way you or your date treats the waiter to choosing a bad restaurant, there are a ton of ways a date can turn awkward very quickly. To avoid that awkward moment, Tutera helped us identify some of the most embarrassing moments that can happen on a first dinner date and how to deal with them. To make sure you come off as a Casanova on your first date, follow our advice and avoid these awkward situations!

This article first appeared onĀ January 1, 2014.