10 Amazing Grooms Cakes Slideshow

1. Barbecue Smoker Cake

For the groom who considers himself the grilling and barbecue king, surprise him with a smoker. Not the super-expensive kind we dream of, but one made of cake (complete with a sugar statue of himself) like this one from Tipsy Cake in Chicago. (He's got to earn the real thing — maybe for your 10th anniversary.)

2. Cigar Box Cake

Can’t get between your man and his stogie? Celebrate him — and his penchance for fine cigars — with a cigar box-shaped cake complete with chocolate cigars like this one from Tanya’s Cakes in Rochester, N.Y. Whether you fill it with chocolate cigars or stash some of the real thing in there is up to you.

3. Fire Engine Cake

If your groom always dreamed of driving a fire engine, make his vision come alive with a cake that depicts him driving the big red tanker. This cake from Tipsy Cake was made for one groom who really is a fireman — and his bride certainly thinks of him as the sexiest man in uniform!

4. iPad Cake

If you’re marrying a man who loves his BlackBerry or iPad (maybe to the point where you’ve banned it from the bed), there's a cake for that. Have some fun and surprise him with a cake that pays homage to his love for technology. One bride did just that with this cake from Sweet Grace in New Jersey, complete with a screen filled with all of the groom’s favorite apps.

5. Dream Car Cake

For the man who loves cars, why not surprise him with the car of his dreams? One bride did just that — albeit making a smaller investment — with this cake from Tipsy Cake. Just as though you were ordering him the real thing, be sure to get the right make, model, color, and all…

6. Television Cake

Most men have their own big screen, super-slim, 3-D HD TV for watching the game. But one groom instead chose to watch the game on his old tube from circa 1970. His bride, of course, had to poke fun at his choice, surprising him with a replica of this household staple created by Celebrity Cake Studio outside Seattle, Wash.

7. Fish-Shaped Cake

Marrying an avid fisherman? Surprise him with a cake almost as tall as him, in the shape of a fish! One bride did just that for her “catch of a lifetime” with this saltwater striped bass cake, complete with wooden cutting board (but made of white cake and peanut butter filling rather than, well, fish…) from Pink Cake Box in New Jersey. 

8. Dog Cake

Do you ever think your groom loves his dog more than you?


While we're sure he doesn't (he is marrying you, afterall), tease him by getting him a cake that resembles his four-legged best friend like one bride did. Armed with actual photos of the dog, Sweet Grace accurately captured the character of the dog, complete with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Bow wow WOW.

9. Jägermeister Cake

Everybody has a preferred “poison” when headed out to the bar. One groom’s was Jägermeister, so the bride naturally had to surprise him with this sweet interpretation of a Jägerbomb, with Tipsy Cake’s help, of course.

10. A Cake for the Mountain Man

This cake is perfect for the groom-to-be who always wished he was a NOLS instructor (but never was).


The bride wanted to honor her future husband's passion for the outdoors (and poke fun at his habit of going on long hikes with his best friend) on their wedding day and commission this tiered creation from Celebrity Cake Studio.