10 '90s Foods We Really Miss

Everyone has foods that they loved when they were a kid that are no longer around. We're sure that there are plenty of baby boomers who look back with fondness on various canned and processed foods that at the time were considered new and exciting, and the 1970s seemed to be a golden age of super-sugary breakfast cereals that came and went. But no snack foods seem to have woven their way into the collective nostalgic subconscious like the dearly departed junk food of the 1990s.

10 '90s Foods We Really Miss (Slideshow)

Perhaps it's because those who came of age during the decade are getting to the point in their 20s and 30s where nostalgia for an era when their biggest concern was getting the book report in on time sets in, but it seems like '90s nostalgia is coming to a head, prompting even the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys to go back on tour together. Looking at a box of French Toast Crunch shouldn't necessarily inspire pangs of longing nostalgia, but for some reason, for a lot of people, it does.

So we decided to dig into the vault of vanished food products and pull out a few that really struck a chord with us.

It seems like the '90s were full of products that came and went. Some, like the famously cross-promoted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle foods and drinks, like the classic Ecto-Cooler, will most likely never return because the Ninja Turtles don't exactly have the same cultural cachet that they used to. Others, like Heinz's multicolored "EZ-Squirt" ketchup, simply didn't sell and were a little weird to begin with. But these foods all have one thing in common: we really miss them.