#25 Farr’s Fresh from 25 Best Frozen Yogurt Shops Across the US (Slideshow)

25 Best Frozen Yogurt Shops Across the US (Slideshow)

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#25 Farr’s Fresh

Utah-based Farr’s Fresh is known mostly for its ice cream, but is beginning to make a name for itself in the fro-yo industry as well. They currently offer about a dozen flavors (the most unusual being apricot/mango and cookies and cream) and over 20 toppings, and hardcore frozen yogurt connoisseurs might be offended by the limited options (especially with only three fruit choices). But the biggest gripe with Farr’s might be the nutritional content. Although not posted on the company’s website, a half-cup serving of vanilla may contain as much as 200 calories — more than twice the usual amount. Of course, this doesn’t matter too much for the dedicated locals, who still flock to the yellow-and-blue, retro-looking restaurants (which resemble old-school soda fountains) and will swear by the sweet treats that Farr’s has been serving for over 80 years.