8 Quick & Easy Taco Recipes

From bison to chorizo, shrimp to fish, there are plenty of options to choose from

Each week, the editorial team tackles a new ingredient or theme with one goal in mind: making easy and delicious recipes. 

This week: Tacos

Tacos, like the ones below, are great for quick, weeknight meals or larger dinners with friends. They can be made with a variety of ingredients and topped with a wide range of garnishes like guacamole, salsa, or cheese — meaning that you can make them in a ton of different ways without feeling like you're eating the same thing every night*. Try pairing them with some creative cocktails like this Muddled Avocado Margarita


Bean and Cheese Taquitos

I wasn't sure if taquitos were authentically Mexican, but it turns out...

— Valaer Murray


Shrimp Tacos with Avocado and Mango Salsa

Spicy, sweet, and creamy, these tacos are great for a quick dinner or for an outdoor get together when it's warm outside...

— Yasmin Fahr

Panko-Fried Fish Tacos

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but when it comes to making fish tacos, I'm boss...

— Maryse Chevriere



Flank Steak Tacos

A properly cooked grass-fed flank steak, seasoned well, needs little garnish other than...

— Allison Beck


Chorizo Tacos

Tacos are best with freshly made tortillas. If you're lucky enough to have a tortilla factory near you...

— Colman Andrews


Spicy Lamb Tacos with Lime Crema

I generally like my food spicy, but when it comes to tacos, bring it on!...

— Jess Kapadia



Bison Sausage Tacos

To paraphrase the Talking Heads, "And you may find yourself with some bison sausage... 

— Arthur Bovino


Chorizo and Poblano Tacos

After the success of this very simple, very delicious dinner...

— Alexis Anderson



*Note: You can use corn or flour tortillas, but just know that using corn ones is a good way to quickly cut down on calories. 

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