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Dylan James Ho
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Karen and Quinn Hatfield

Karen and Quinn Hatfield are the culinary duo between the acclaimed Hatfield’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, and the recently opened The Sycamore Kitchen. They met in 1997, when they both worked at Spago. "I was the pastry chef and Quinn was sous chef and manager," Karen said. "We were forbidden to date!"

When they opened Hatfield’s together in 2006, "there were definitely a lot of growing pains," she added. "You can learn how to live together as a couple, but to learn how to work together is completely different. It’s not just taking out the trash! It’s challenging but rewarding."

For couples looking to open a restaurant together, Karen said that "the most important thing is to be up front with expectations with each other and whose roles are what. You have to have your dynamic figured out. Be patient, because it takes a couple of years, but at the end of the day I’m sharing and creating something with my best friend."