Drink Quiz: Cocktail Matchmaker

Play along to find out what drink is right for you.

What kind of Valentine are you? Are you and your partner a perfect match? For those that seek the eternal wisdom of online personality quizzes for the answers to such questions, here's another one for you.

Introducing the Cocktail Matchmaker Quiz: We've taken the traditional dating/relationship quiz and invited it out for a drink. While we can't predict if you and your Valentine will live happily ever after, we can at least find a cocktail to partner you up with. 


1. When you're interested in someone, are you:

(a) Incredibly outgoing, not afraid to make the first move.

(b) Totally shy, hoping they take the initiative.


2. When looking for a partner, what school of thought do you subscribe to?

(a) Opposites attract.

(b) Two hearts, beating as one.


3. Kiss on the first date: Where do you stand?

(a) No way! Good things come to those who wait.

(b) Definitely, if they've earned it. 


4. Found that special someone?

(a) Found, yes. Now I just need to get my crush to notice me.

(b) Yes, we're head-over-heels in love!


5. Your ideal Valentine would bring you:

(a) Chocolate, a big box of them.

(b) Flowers, at least a dozen.

(c) On a surprise romantic getaway!


6. Flying solo this Valentine's Day? Are you:

(a) Fresh off a bad split and completely heartbroken over it.

(b) Swearing off relationships because you just got dumped.

(c) Single and loving it!




Ray Foley
Credit: Ray Foley

1. (a) Peep Show Cocktail. Like this drink, you're not afraid to let it all hang out in the open when you're into someone. 

(b) Maiden's Blush Cocktail. For the more reserved admirer from afar, a cocktail that plays up those blush tones.


Credit: Maryse Chevriere

2. (a) Fanta & Forty. Orange soda and beer might not sound like a harmonious match, but in certain cases even the most unlikely of combinations are meant to be. 

(b) Idillic Cocktail. You're looking for the made-for-each-other match, like this cocktail's ideal combination of tangerine-serrano vodka with orange liqueur and a pinch of dill.


Credit: Maryse Chevriere

3. (a) Bacon Old Fashioned. No kiss on the first date for you — you prefer the old-school, take-things-slow approach.

(b) Sweet Red Kiss. You say, go for that first date kiss — it's worth it! Just like this sweet, red-tinted aperitif cocktail.


Credit: Lara Ferroni

4. (a) Attention Cocktail. Take a cue from this Prohibition-era cocktail's name and command your crush's attention.

(b) Lola in Love Cocktail. You're totally smitten, and not afraid to show it. 


Credit: Veritas Restaurant

5. (a) Chocolate and Spice Cocktail. Like a boozy, liquid box of chocolates with a spicy kick.

(b) Tea Rose Martini. If you enjoy the perfume of a fresh bouquet of roses, you'll love this aromatic cocktail featuring rose water and Earl Grey-infused gin.

(c) The Parisian Cocktail. Chocolates and roses are sweet, but a surprise trip to a romantic city is more your style.


Credit: Leo Gong

6. (a) Bleeding Mary. A cocktail to reflect your broken heart — the Bloody Mary mix ice cubes literally bleed into the vodka.

(b) Angostura Mug Shot. No one likes getting dumped — so, yeah, you're feeling bitter about it. What better drink for you to have than this one, featuring Angostura bitters.

(c) "New Way" Dirty Martini. You're single and open to a whole new world of possibilities, like this cool, molecular mixology cocktail.

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