Pulled Pork from 10 Slow Cooker Appetizers You Need to Try (Slideshow)

10 Slow Cooker Appetizers You Need to Try (Slideshow)

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Pulled Pork

Throwing that pork butt into the crock-pot with other tasty ingredients makes for effortless appetizers. Slow-cooked pulled pork can top rice cakes with a garnish of cilantro and white onions or a drizzle of BBQ sauce or can fill phyllo cups to dress it up. Pulled pork can be the life of your party in other ways, too — sliders might just be the epitome of snack food. Pulled pork sliders are a wonderful addition to your hors d’oeuvres roster, as pulled pork is super quick and hassle-free with a slow cooker. Just plop the ingredients your crock-pot and let it do its thing.