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Magic Performed with a Cuban Version of the Hamburger

Frequent contributor to The Daily Meal, GutterGourmet, discovered a version of the hamburger that he's never stumbled upon before while traveling in Miami. At a joint called El Mago de las Fritas, they're known for their frita cubanas, Cuba's rendition of the burger. The dish combines familiar elements of Cuban cuisine, like a soft, sweet bread and chorizo mixed with beef to make the patty. 

Favorite Quote:

"Forget about Butter Burgers, Goober Burgers, or LaFrieda Black Label Burgers. Forget sliders, Shack Burgers, Crunch Burgers, or In-N-Out. There is a regional style of hamburger in Miami that has been overlooked by the likes of Kuban, Solares, and Ozersky." — GutterGourmet